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Often eat 5 kinds of "low-calorie" food, full of belly but not growing meat!

How can you eat when you are hungry? Isn't this long meat! This is not the case. You can eat a lot when you are hungry when you lose weight. Oatmeal Oatmeal is an effective food for weight loss. Many girls will consume it during weight loss and use it as a substitute for regular meals because it produces satiety and has nutrition. It is a valuable bedtime product. Therefore, we can cook a bowl of oatmeal at night or when we are hungry, and then mix it with a little honey, which has a good weight loss effect. Egg We all know that people who lose weight generally consume eggs because eggs can effectively help us lose weight. Eggs are rich in nutrients and low in calories, which delays the emptying speed of the stomach and prolongs the feeling of fullness. Many people are also very particular about the way to eat eggs. If you only eat egg whites, the cholesterol content can be zero. The protein digestibility of the usual shelled boiled eggs is as high as 99.7%, which can be almost com
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Eating more fish helps to live longer.

 "European Journal of Clinical Nutrition" published research from the Zhongshan University Public School of Public Health and the 12th Hospital of Zhouguang City (pictured), Found that 4-6 servings of fish-eating foods per week (50g each) are associated with a reduction in the risk of death, including the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease and disease ischemic heart Disease-specific death risk of the opposite sex. The study included a total of 18,215 test recipients with an average age of 60 years or more, of which 12,924 (about 71%) were women. DOI:

This small change will bring great health and wellness!

 Using coarse grains to replace refined grains such as rice, steamed buns, and porridge, this small change will bring great health and health! A study recently published by The Journal of Nutrition under the American Nutrition Flag Association (Figure 1) pointed out that replacing refined grains with whole grains can reduce waist circumference, Blood and blood pressure increase over time, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Whole grains refer to those that have not been finely processed, or may have been milled, crushed, tableted, etc., but still retain the bran, which is found in whole grains, Germ and endosperm, as well as natural nutrients, grains. Commonly seen whole grain products and products include barley, oats, quinoa, buckwheat, corn and whole wheat buns. In the country, coarse grains are often used to replace the term "whole grains", and miscellaneous beans such as beans and mung beans are also included. This is actually not a new result, it's

Why lose weight as soon as possible⁉

Why lose weight as soon as possible⁉ ❶As the age increases, the body weight rate of the generation decreases, the heat demand gradually decreases, and it is easy to accumulate more heat surplus. ❷ For every increase of 1 year old, the calorie needed per sex day decreases by about 5 kcal, and the calorie needed per day decreases by about 7 kcal for men. ❸Weight will become more and more difficult to control body fat assembly in the abdomen and buttocks So let the fat accompany you! Love yourself more

Interpretation of pressure fertilizer

 Interpretation of pressure fertilizer In addition to regulating endocrine activity, the hypothalamus of our brain is also responsible for regulating visceral activity. Long-term tension and anxiety will cause the feeding centre or satiety centre near the hypothalamus to be stimulated, or it will make us feel full and do not want to eat. Because they cannot eat on time, the stomach and immune system will experience the double attack of "emotions" and "nutrition deprivation". If the satiety centre is affected, it may cause us to overeat, use the behaviour of constantly eating snacks to reduce pressure, and eventually lead to obesity.

Has the flesh of your abdomen been lost?

  Has the flesh of your abdomen been lost? There are two kinds of meat in our stomach. 1. Grab a bunch of them. Fat is subcutaneous fat, which is caused by eating a lot of refined rice and noodles. It's hard to lose such meat by exercise. The solution is to eat more coarse grains. ‮ 2. It's impossible to grasp. This kind of fat is dangerous in the viscera, and it is harmful. In the free state, the viscera is fatty liver; From swimming to the heart, it is a kind of heart disease.

Can diet and starvation consume fat?

 Can diet and starvation consume fat? Many people think that dieting and starvation can consume fat. In fact, if you think too much, tell you the truth: Because at the beginning of a diet, the body will first use the glycogen in the blood for energy. After the glycogen is exhausted, it will decompose liver glycogen, and the liver glycogen will be decomposed and excreted in the urine. The body needs 4 grams of water to break down 1 gram of glycogen, so most of the loss at this time is not fat, but water! After the liver glycogen is consumed, the body will start to consume fat and muscle glycogen, and most people don’t stick to this time... Therefore, no fat was consumed at all. Even if you have strong willpower, continue to stick to it, although you will lose some fat at the beginning, you are also losing muscle. Muscle loss will lead to a decline in basal metabolism, which is even more detrimental to weight loss! In addition, dieting is easy to causes nutrient deficiency, which makes t